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Performance Communication


Pikkal & Co is a Podcast and Webinar agency founded by podcast host Graham Brown. Pikkal & Co specializes in Performance Communication for B2B Clients. Performance Communication is Communication that delivers measurable results based on Data Driven Conversations.

We provide end-to-end project management of B2B Podcasts for Enterprises Governments and Individuals. We also manage  Webinars and Live Online Events to help clients acquire and influence connections.

With over 1,000 Shows Produced for our Podcast Clients, and 20,000 Episodes on our VoiceDynamics Podcast Analytics platform, our data and experience helps B2B Clients make better content decisions and tell better stories.

Meeting Tony Fernandes

A pivotal event in our journey from being podcasters to becoming a B2B Podcast Agency was meeting AirAsia founder and CEO Tony Fernandes. Watch the Tony Fernandes Podcast (on Youtube). We also recommend the backstory video to recording the podcast.

Meeting Tony Fernandes validated the personal branding power of owning your own podcast (see podcasting for individuals). It also gave us a start in project managing corporate podcasts. Since our AirAsia engagement, we have managed similar projects for corporate leaders across McKinsey, Xero, Antler VC, Standard Chartered and SIM.

The Be More Human Podcast

Graham Brown Shares regular updates on Leadership, Storytelling and Podcasts in the Be More Human Podcast

We are facing numerous disruptive forces in business and society – from the Covid19 Pandemic to The 4th Industrial Revolution to The Asian Century to Digital Transformation. How do we survive and thrive in the crisis?

Topics Covered include: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Empathy, Leadership, Podcasts, Skills, Storytelling

1,000 Podcast Episodes Produced

Since 2018, we have produced over 1,000 Podcasts and Live Webinars, mainly for corporate clients and government agencies from IBM to NTUC to McKinsey to Facebook. In our early days, we made many mistakes developing and fine tuning the podcast model. So, our goal is to help you avoid making those mistakes too and get up that learning curve fast.

Our experience of webinar and podcast planning, producing and helping promote these shows has helped us amass a large dataset. We are currently deploying the data to clients as our new VoiceDynamics tool.

Data Driven Conversations

We believe in Data Driven Conversations. Audio is rich in data. In fact, audio is the final untapped frontier of Big Data. We use Data to help clients measure conversation content, optimise delivery and benchmark content with performance.

Our Pikkal Analytics Platform informs clients in 3 ways:

  1. Quantify the delivery style of the conversation on Leadership and Engagement 
  2. Monitor the Conversations of Benchmark podcasts and advise on key talking points
  3. Benchmark Podcast performance on iTunes and Spotify against similar in category

Contact us to access our conversation analytics and data insights (currently in BETA) .in Data

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