Communication Analytics

We use data to elevate client conversations. 
Our Pikkal Analytics tracks 30,000 podcast shows
and 500,000 episodes on a daily basis to give our clients the
edge in deciding the who, what, when and how of their communciations. 

How We Use Data

Data Driven Conversations

We believe in Data Driven Conversations. Big Data can help our Podcast Clients make better decisions about style, content and delivery of their conversations. Using our Pikkal Analytics platform we have helped our Clients win Podcast Awards and rank in the Top 10 on Apple Podcasts.

performance communication planning

What are my Apple Podcast rankings today?

Our Pikkal Analytics Big Data platform tracks 12,000 podcasts across 247 geographical regions. We use this data to help our clients measure and improve podcast performance.

What are my Peers talking about?

We track over 1,000,000 business podcast episodes to identify key trending topics that Client peers are talking about.

Who Should You Partner with?

Using our Machine Learning powered Pikkal Analytics platform we track guests and hosts across 1,000,000 podcast episodes. We help our clients identify key influencer partners who can amplify their podcast and multiple audiences.

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